SpeakEasy LA
March 3rd, 1 - 4 PM
Downtown Dance & Movement
1144 S. Hope St., Los Angeles, CA 90015

Grab a drink, pull up a chair and hang out with the musicians.

If you want to check out classical music, but you’re not ready to commit to a concert hall then this is the thing for you.

All of those questions you have? This is the place to ask them.

Speakeasy Prices

• preferred seating area •
• your own folding chair to take home •
• 1 can of Nuclear Wine •

VIP tickets must be booked in advance by Wednesday, February 21st.

Los Angeles – we’re back! The next SpeakEasy will take place at the same time, same place: Downtown Dance & Movement in downtown LA. We’ve got the musicians, the super tasty Nuclear Wines, and we’re lining up a foodtruck.

So come along, bring a folding chair, (you have to bring your own chair!), grab a bite and a drink and we’ll get into some music.


Jose Franch-Ballester, Kristin Lee,
Richard O'Neill & Ani Aznavoorian


We’re not sure what we’ll talk about this time, but it will be fun — there’s a cool piece for Cello & Electronics on this program and a piece called “Gumboots” for Clarinet, Violin, Viola & Cello. Maybe we’ll start there. Who knows! Bring your questions, we’ll start at the beginning and see where it takes us.

Speakeasy Prices

Remember... there’s no such thing as a stupid question. (Actually, we all know there is, and with wine being served we might hear a few of them!)