Best Classical Ensemble: Camerata Pacifica

Santa Barbara Independent
By D.J. Palladino
October 17, 2013


Best of Santa Barbara, 2013 – Best Classical Ensemble: Camerata Pacifica


It’s hard to credit arguments that say classical music audiences are dying off, or even those who complain that people will only come out to hear the big guns like Mozart, Bach, and Beethoven. When you see how handily this chamber music ensemble, with its iconoclastic figurehead Adrian Spence at the helm, beats the big orchestra in town with musical line-ups that run mostly on 20th century and beyond. The ensemble itself is made up of regulars and friends, frequently invites guests into the fold, and plays a number of venues between here and Los Angeles. Exceptional, as they put it, for artistry and a sense of community, Camerata abides.