Season 28 Brochure

Check out Camerata Pacifica’s Season 28 brochure – doesn’t it look great? Well, there’s more to this brochure than meets the eye…

This year, Camerata has created an augmented experience that connects video content with the pictures featured in this brochure, with the help of Aurasma!

Aurasma is a free app you can download from Google Play (Android devices) or App Store (iOS devices). After installing the app, search for “cameratapacifica” and select “Camerata Pacifica’s Public Auras”. Then, click “Follow” and you’re able to watch our brochure come to life! Simply open the viewfinder in Aurasma and hover the camera over images marked with the Aurasma symbol in the corner.

Please note, iPhone users will have to create a (FREE) account in order to enjoy the Aurasma experience.

This is a great way to share Camerata Pacifica with your friends. Our brochures will arrive in your mailbox shortly, or you can download a printer-friendly PDF version. It is also available to view online here.

We hope you enjoy the brochure and, most importantly, we hope to see you this season!