Our Commissioning Portfolio

Commissioning new music has become an integral part of Camerata Pacifica’s artistic mission. Not because we are a new music group — we are not. But because this is a live, dynamic artform. Even if the music originated in the 18th or 19th century, at that moment of performance, the minute it becomes a reality, it is live and of the moment. No matter when the music was written, it has that in common with every other piece. Hopefully hearing new music informs our listening to pieces we know very well — there can be a danger that with familiarity we lose awareness of the innovation and novel nature of pieces now acknowledged as masterworks.

Commissioning has become a favorite means to support our work. Throughout the compositional process, commissioners get to engage with the composer and the musicians as the work is brought to life. Finally the manuscript arrives and the musicians begin preparation. Commissioners attend first rehearsals and after the premiere performances, when corrections are made, the score arrives from the publisher engraved with the commissioners’ names on the title page — forever.

Commissioning opportunities begin with an investment of as little as $2,000.

Jake Heggie | Winter Roses
for mezzo soprano & chamber ensemble

Commissioned by Richard & Luci Janssen, for Frederica von Stade and Camerata Pacifica

Premiered October 9th, 2004 in Santa Barbara

Ian Wilson | Messenger Concerto
for violin & chamber ensemble

Commissioned by Richard & Luci Janssen, for Catherine Leonard and Camerata Pacifica

Premiered May 18th, 2007 in Santa Barbara

Ian Wilson | Heft
for flute/alto flute & piano

Commissioned by Jordan & Sandra Laby, for Adrian Spence and Camerata Pacifica

Premiered January 11th, 2008 in Santa Barbara

Huang Ruo | The Book of the Forgotten
for oboe & viola

Commissioned by a consortium led by Hyon Chough,
for Nicholas Yongjae O’Neill and Nicholas Daniel

Premiered April 17th, 2010 in Los Angeles

Bright Sheng | Hot Pepper
for flute/alto violin & marimba

Commissioned by Bob Peirce as a birthday present for his wife Sharon Harroun Peirce for Catherine Leonard and Ji Hye Jung

Premiered September 10th, 2010 in Santa Barbara

Bright Sheng | Melodies of a Flute
for flute/alto flute, violin, cello & marimba

Commissioned by Luci Janssen for her husband Richard on the occasion of their 40th wedding anniversary for Camerata Pacifica

Premiered April 10th, 2012 in San Marino

Jake Heggie | Soliloquy
for flute & piano

Commissioned by Adrian Spence in memory of Suzanne Makuch

Premiered May 10th, 2012 in Los Angeles

Huang Ruo | In Other Words
Concerto for vocalized violist & chamber ensemble

Commissioned by Frank & Ann Everts in celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary, for Richard Yongjae O’Neill and Camerata Pacifica

Premiered September 20th, 2012 in Los Angeles

Ian Wilson | Dreamgarden
for mezzo soprano & chamber ensemble

Supported by Robert M. Light and Anne Koepfli in memory of Sandy & Lulu Saunderson for Camerata Pacifica

U.S. premiere May 16th, 2013 in Los Angeles

Lera Auerbach | Dreammusik
cello & chamber ensemble

Commissioned by Sandy Svoboda in memory of her husband Al for Ani Aznavoorian and Camerata Pacifica

Premiered March 6th, 2014 in Los Angeles

John Harbison | String Trio
for violin, viola & cello

Commissioned by Peter & Linda Beuret; Bob Klein & Lynne Cantlay – in memory of Michael Benjamin Klein; Roger & Nancy Davidson; Stanley & Judith Farrar; Ann Hoagland – in memory of her husband Stephen C. Hoagland; John & Susan Keats; Jordan & Sandra Laby; Alejandro Planchart – in memory of Milton Babbitt.

Premiere date September 11th, 2014 in Los Angeles
Recorded for international release on the Harmonia Mundi label

Ian Wilson | Three Songs of Home
for alto flute, viola & harp

A gift from the composer to celebrate Camerata Pacifica’s 25th season

Premiered October 10th, 2014 in Santa Barbara

Ian Wilson | AT
for flute, violin & cello

Commissioned by Jordan Christoff for Adrian Spence, Catherine Leonard & Ani Aznavoorian

Premiered October 8th, 2015 in Los Angeles

David Bruce | The Consolation of Rain
for oboe, harp, cello & percussion

Commissioned by Bob Klein & Lynne Cantlay for Nicholas Daniel, Bridget Kibbey, Ani Aznavoorian & Ji Hye Jun

Premiered April 12th, 2016 in San Marino

John Luther Adams | there is no one, not even the wind

Co-commissioned by Camerata Pacifica, The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, Chamber Music Northwest, Emerald City Music, and Redlands Symphony

Premiered September 2017

Lera Auerbach | 24 Preludes for Viola & Piano

Commissioned by: Hyon Chough; Christina Chung & May Kim; May Chung; Sookee Chung; Rick Hibbs, Karin Nelson & Maren Henle; Chae Young Ma; Seung Ae Kim & Sook Hee Lee; Stuart & Judy Spence; Diane Henderson; Marion Stewart; David Robertson and Nancy Alex; and Arnold and Gretel Mulder for Richard Yongjae O’Neil

Premiered April 18th, 2018 in San Marino

New Works in Development

Emma Ruth RICHARDS | Trio for Oboe, Viola & Cello

Commissioned by Stuart & Judy Spence

Clarice Assad
1) Quartet for Accordion, Clarinet, Cello & Percussion
2) Work for Piano & 10 Instruments

Commissioned by Olin & Ann Barrett; Titus Brenninkmeijer; Albert & Lisa Cosand; Paula & Miguel Levy; Arnold & Gretl Mulder; Rick & Regina Roney

Libby Larsen | Trio for Horn, Cello & Piano

Commissioned by Joan Davidson in memory of her husband John Schnittker

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